Our appellate practice dates to the 1920’s when it was established by Frank A. Symmes, author of the highly regarded work “Indiana Criminal Law.” Since then, VVLBW has been the professional home of a number of legendary lawyers, including former United States Senator Arthur Robinson, Judge George Ober, and Charles W. Symmes. Since that time, the firm has represented clients in hundreds of appellate cases in the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and in certiorari proceedings to the United States Supreme Court.

Our appellate advocates have argued a wide range of cases and issues. Since 2000, five VVLBW lawyers have argued cases in the Indiana Supreme Court. We’ve represented clients in a broad spectrum of appellate issues, including DUI, white-collar crime, major felonies, misdemeanors, civil judgments, land use, probate, intellectual property, and professional licensing.

Practice Areas