Controlled Substance Offenses

VVLBW has extensive experience in narcotics and other substance offense cases at both the state and federal level. Our attorneys represent accused persons in cases ranging form misdemeanor charges to class A felony narcotics offenses. Whether it’s an issue of simple possession or a complex conspiracy, we’re up to the task.

Over the years, we’ve briefed and argued substance offense issues before the Indiana Court of Appeals, Indiana Supreme Court, and the 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in Chicago.

At whatever level, or in whatever court your case of interest may lie, we will help you vigorously defend the allegations against you. Seldom will it be useful to settle or “plead-out” such cases in the early stages. At that time, the prosecution knows only the facts the police have provided. The key to defending substance charges is to work the case and to develop facts and legal theories favorable to the defense. This approach requires resources, knowledge, and experience. We have all three.

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