White Collar

White-collar criminal offenses are typically thought of as financial crimes, such as wire or mail fraud. However, white collar prosecutions include health care fraud, mortgage and real estate fraud, insurance fraud, welfare fraud, securities fraud, racketeering, bribery or violations of environmental laws or tax laws. While financial gain is typically an underlying element of these offenses, the prosecutions can vary greatly. We have extensive experience representing individuals and companies facing serious white-collar prosecutions.

It is as important for one to have counsel prior to the formal charging of an offense, as it is upon being charged with an offense. We assist clients through the investigative stage of white-collar offenses to try to avoid indictment or to minimize exposure. When one receives a grand jury subpoena for a personal appearance, or to produce documents, it can be very intimidating.  We provide guidance to ensure cooperation, while protecting the client’s interests.  It is critical to recognize when there is a need to consult with a forensic expert, and we bring years of experience to all stages of complex white-collar investigations and prosecutions.

White collar offenses can be prosecuted on either the state or federal level. VVLBW attorneys practice in both venues. We represent individuals, executives or employees of corporations under investigation, or witnesses who wish to ensure they are fully protected from criminal liability. we offer a full-service practice in white-collar investigations and criminal prosecutions.

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