Major Felony

The criminal defense attorneys at VVLBW are experienced in representing those accused of major felony offenses. In the State of Indiana, crimes are categorized as misdemeanors or felonies, the latter being the more serious offenses. The higher the felony class charged, the more severe the penalties upon conviction may be. In Indiana, a class D felony is the lowest classification of felony offenses, with the highest being a class A felony. Murder stands alone above the class A felony offense level. A person charged with a class C felony or higher is accused of committing a major felony offense.

An accused person charged with a class D felony in Indiana faces a minimum sentence of six months and a maximum sentence of three years at the Indiana Department of Corrections. Some individuals who have been convicted of a class D felony qualify to have their sentence reduced to a class A misdemeanor.  This is called alternative misdemeanor sentencing (AMS), and is very beneficial. AMS should be sought whenever possible. Once AMS has been granted, the person’s criminal history will reflect a conviction only for a misdemeanor, not a felony.

A person charged with a class C felony faces a penalty range from two years to eight years’ possible incarceration. The class B felony sentencing range is six years to 20 years.  A person charged with an A felony offense faces twenty to fifty years.  Sentencing for murder ranges from 45 to 65 years at the Indiana Department of Corrections. The maximum fine for any felony offense is $10,000.00.

Many adverse consequences arise from being convicted of a felony in Indiana. These may include time in prison, prohibitions against carrying a firearm, the inability to vote, future or present habitual status offenses, and diminished employment opportunities. A person accused needs experienced representation.

At VVLBW, many of our attorneys confine their practice to criminal defense litigation. This provides the accused with highly skilled counsel, knowledgeable in the law, to investigate the accusations, develop facts favorable to the accused, and to put the case in its best light for litigation or negotiation. This has been our firm’s custom and practice for nearly 100 years.

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